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10 June 2020 Update:

Added Xuan Kong Da Gua calculator and compass, more details to be added later if all is ok. : )

19 January 2020 Update:

We added themes to the WWG/Liu Yao site!
Now, the old design is integrated into the site as well. It can be changed from Settings > Themes(at the lowest part of the menu).
And all functionality of the main site works there, can drag and drop branches to see relations, can make url to it(url will also keep the theme you made it on) and all the other parts.
We have the original theme and the one we made with Tiantai(more info in here.
Also there is option for shorter English words/translations on the lines now, that will provide a lot less space, so it can be viewed in landscape mode in some phones.
In settings > Show full English translations..
If you can't see it or have other kinds of problems with the site, try to delete cache of your browser(or reload the page with Ctrl+F5, to renew it)

14 March 2020 Update:

Added colors on the relations. Red color means that the day branch is clashing that branch. Orange means that it combines with Day or Month branch. Violet if it combines with another moving line.If more then one of these relations is present, it will show the last one going by red>violet>orange.

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For quesitons -

  • Site is made using:
  • Django (
  • Bootstrap. (
  • intro.js(intro.js) and propeller.js(propeller.js)
  • Inkscape (
  • Also sweetalert, jquery, overlib, toggle, bootstrap-cookie alert.
  • SVG of the clouds in the background is from here.
  • We are using heavy javascript and python code through ajax, so any script blockers will disable half of the functionality and probably more. If you want to use the site, disable script blockers for here. Recommended browsers are last versions of Firefox and Chrome.
    IE, other browsers, or very, very old versions of these may disable parts of the functionality as well.
  • We switched the astronomy calculation engine to py ephem as all tests we did show its much more accurate then what we were using before.
  • Sun calculations for all offline calculators are made using Orb.JS from here. Big thanks to the author for the help in the calculations!

  • Bibliography.
  • For the bazi calculator, we have stayed close to the way the system is presented in Ani Pecheva book, 'The Stars in the Four Pillars of Destiny'(blog here More info at the calculator page itself.
  • For the WWG calculator,the first book that I saw that includes all this was Jack Chiu's book "secrets of wen wang gua". Since then there were others, and what is on the web calculator currently, is the basic ideas that will be in one way or another in any book on the topic.

    The second theme of the WWG calculator was made for Tientai in the Five Arts forums.
    Theme 3 was made with extra calculations and design with Ak Guru, his site is here: