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10 June 2020 Update:

Added Xuan Kong Da Gua calculator and compass, more details to be added later if all is ok. : )

30 May 2020 Update:

We added section for Resources. For now it will point to the new blog in wordpress, the plan is all this to be developed and added to in the future. : ) Somewhere along the path we removed XKDG and HLLS calculators, next step may be simple Feng Shui one and the big project now is for mobile and date selection apps coming in the future!. : )

19 January 2020 Update:

We added themes to the WWG/Liu Yao site!
Now, the old design is integrated into the site as well. It can be changed from Settings > Themes(at the lowest part of the menu).
And all functionality of the main site works there, can drag and drop branches to see relations, can make url to it(url will also keep the theme you made it on) and all the other parts.
We have the original theme and the one we made with Tiantai(more info in here.
Also there is option for shorter English words/translations on the lines now, that will provide a lot less space, so it can be viewed in landscape mode in some phones.
In settings > Show full English translations..
If you can't see it or have other kinds of problems with the site, try to delete cache of your browser(or reload the page with Ctrl+F5, to renew it)

14 March 2020 Update:

Added colors on the relations. Red color means that the day branch is clashing that branch. Orange means that it combines with Day or Month branch. Violet if it combines with another moving line.If more then one of these relations is present, it will show the last one going by red>violet>orange.

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